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The urge to "run away and join the circus" has been around for thousands of years. Why? What is so seductive about the circus? Certainly there's something exciting about popcorn, sawdust, adoring fans and daredevils' feats. Yet the allure of the circus often strikes a deeper chord. Within many of us there is wanderlust, a desire to leave a dull life in favor of a more colorful one, to abandon the security of predictability and dive headfirst into the unknown. Why do we climb Mt. Everest, or sail across the sea, or race to the moon? Because when we come back to earth, having pushed ourselves beyond our limits, we have the deep satisfaction of knowing that we can conquer any challenge. We have LIVED, in the purest sense of the word. This is why the circus and its performers inspire me. They embody the thrill of chasing one's dreams- a thrill that combines a paralyzing fear of failure with the intoxicating potential for great success. As you look at these photographs, I hope you ask yourself, "What is my dream?" And when you do, rather than focusing on any fear of failure, fantasize about the rewards of great success. 

The Circus Performer: Ethos of a Wandering Clown

What awaits us then?
Dunes of sand
Never-ending journeys
In distant lands, exotic
With languages idiotic
Songs we’ve never heard
Imaginary kingdoms below a tent
With colored dances throughout the night
Lighting up horizons with their flare
And as the time approaches for our cue
We melt inside a loosely knit parade

Why are we afraid of not knowing?
When fear is but another avenue of adventure
A line to walk without a net to fall upon
A rope released to fly across the room
And right before you reach the safety point
The wisdom of the world shines right upon you
You realize
The price tags of today lose value
And all that is around you seems to glow


Why are we afraid?
To venture forward in this world
To give ourselves to something larger
To fuse ourselves with magical delight
And free ourselves, just like a wandering bird
Living off what the day provides
Taking shelter when it rains
Jugglers, jesters, lion tamers
No expectation, no anticipation
Just faith
Everlasting, eternal, steadfast
And never budging faith

Poem courtesy of
Photo by Alyssa Kristine